BLP A-Z of Learning English: «M» for «Might»

BLP A-Z of Learning English: «M» for «Might»

Discussion – “Would you rather…”

As you know, modal verbs are very important in English.  We start learning them from the very beginning – at a very basic level.  And we don’t ever stop learning about them throughout the learning journey.  They are a key part of English because even though they’re considered auxiliary verbs, modals carry a lot of meaning.

As you know, with modal verbs I can express a wide range of situations.  From my ability to do something or know something to speculation to possibility to obligation to prohibition.

And as you know, there are quite a few modal verbs, each with varying meanings depending on the context.  (It’s always about context in English!!).

For today’s blog we’re going to focus on “might”.  It seems like an easy enough modal verb – possibility.  But it actually goes further than just that.  Let’s have a look.

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