BLP A-Z of Learning English: «K» for «Keep»

BLP A-Z of Learning English: «K» for «Keep»

Maria del Pilar Gracia

As you can well imagine, the letter “k” is not the easiest letter to write about.  While English does have a lot more words with “k” than Spanish, it’s still a challenge.

So, today I thought we could use the word “keep” as an example of how we can practice our vocabulary skills on our own – as self-study.

I’m going to focus on 3 different areas:  phrasal verbs / collocations / idiomatic expressions

Below are some (but not all) phrasal verbs with keep:

Here are some collocations that go with keep:

And finally, some idiomatic expressions with keep:

You can do this same activity with practically any verb.  Choose a verb and find 3 phrasal verbs, 3 collocations and 3 idiomatic expressions. Write down the meanings. Write your own example sentences.  Look them up on the internet.  Look at the context in which they are used.

Once you have really learnt that verb in it’s 9 different forms… choose another and do it again!

The only way to learn English is to practice it!

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